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Our Veteran Champions are the foundation of our organization!

As a member of the Veteran Champions Club, you will receive exclusive benefits designed to recognize and show our appreciation for your commitment to our mission. This includes personalized updates and stories of the transformative journeys our veterans embark upon with their four-legged partners. You will also have the opportunity to engage and network with other like-minded supporters through attending special events and gatherings where you can witness firsthand the difference your support is making.

Your dedication allows us to rescue dogs to rescue our nation’s veterans. We look forward to achieving even greater milestones together as we move forward. The impact we can make, with the Veteran Champions Club, is immeasurable.

Thank you once again for your commitment to our mission. Together, let’s champion our veterans, recognize their service, and change lives one wagging tail at a time.

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Veteran Champions Club Sponsor!

The Nick Rozanski Memorial Foundation is dedicated to honoring the lives of those who served. Through scholarships, service projects and community programs we empower community members to advance themselves and their community.

Our Founding Veteran Champions, and why they chose VCAS

  • J Wendell Miller
  • Ua Chamberlain
  • Amy Pierce
  • Bryan Pritikin
  • Amanda O’Brien
  • Chris Hawker
  • Val Hoover
  • Chris Macisco & Heather Lane
  • Todd Ruthemeyer
  • Sharon Cox
  • Kent Larsson
  • Michele Bertoia
  • David Curley
  • Robert Holmes
  • Jason Cannon & Kelli Cannon
  • Thomas Grimm & Veronica Grimm
  • Cassie Kurtz
  • Austin Castle
  • Jerrica Decker
  • Penny Martin
  • Mike Kizis
  • Jeff Scolnick
  • Tad Steinberg & April Sinclair
  • Mark McCloskey & Michele McCloskey
  • Harold Highland
  • Sanjiv Beri
  • Debi Johnson
  • Dr. Cheryl Novas
  • Anne Petit
  • Dr. Maria Sember & Anthony Sabatino
  • Kelly Cook Photography

As a military couple, we are well aware of the lack of support some veterans have after leaving the service. This is a great way to help correct that!

Maria Sember, DOFounding Member

I’m honored to support such an amazing cause. Veterans give so much for people they’ve never even met. This is the least we can do for them!!

Kelli CannonFounding Member

In this time of uncertainty, the VCAS mission is a beacon of hope to so many in need and a reminder of the good that exists in the world!

Chris MaciscoFounding Member

Two great causes combined in one endeavor. Helping dogs that need homes while also helping veterans who have served our country!

Mark and Michele McCloskeyFounding Members

Veterans give their all for everyone of us. Dogs give their all because its their nature. What a wonderful way to support and advocate for both.

Michele BertoiaFounding Member

Thank you to our amazing Gala Sponsors!


Veteran Companion Animal Services

Founded in 2013, Veteran Companion Animal Services (VCAS) is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization whose purpose is to serve veterans and/or military families through the benefits of the human-animal bond. To fulfill this purpose, VCAS focuses on placing rescue animals with veterans and military families where companion animal ownership will be beneficial. VCAS provides financial support that assists with general care costs, training, and veterinary expenses so that companion animal ownership is an option and not a burden. 

Rescue Dog Placements

Many service men and women return home finding that their structure and purpose have been lost. VCAS gets to know the veteran and matches them with a rescue dog that will fit their lifestyle and needs – creating a mutually beneficial relationship.

Dog Training Programs

The Frontline Dog Training Program is a 7-week long training class taught by a professional dog trainer. These trainings are open and at no cost to all veterans and military families that currently own a dog.

Veteran Community Outings

After a veteran receives a dog or attends a training class they are still a part of the VCAS family. The community events we host give veterans a chance to build lasting friendships and create an atmosphere to connect with other veterans and have fun.

Veteran Resources

We realize that veterans are a population that need our support and we take pride in being able to connect veterans with numerous resources to support them.