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Hi, I’m Bunny and I’m home!

You may recognize my dad, Captain Tom Lennon, he is in charge of the Patriot Affairs division of VCAS. He works closely with the veterans as they work through the process of receiving their rescue dog – but, this time, it was his turn

My story starts when I was taken to Gigi’s after I was found roaming in southern Ohio. One of the veterans who had applied to receive a dog from VCAS was interested in adopting me, and I was placed with a foster. Unfortunately, I had an accident and had to amputate one of my hind legs. They took me back to Gigi’s (I love it there) and I received the best medical care.

Captain Tom and his wife, Robin, helped foster me during my recovery. We quickly bonded and I got used to the loss of my leg. I loved chasing squirrels in their backyardWhile they were looking after me, the original veteran changed their mind, and decided not to get a companion animal.

When my mom and dad heard about this, they knew they couldn’t let me go. They adopted me right then and there. We’re excited to go on walks together, and cuddle on the couch. It feels so good to be home

I am a mixed breed medium-sized female dog and weigh about 30 lbs. I just turned one on April 28. My dad is a retired Navy carrier pilot who served more than 29 years with 700 arrested carrier landings. He had command of VS-28 a squadron whose mission was to protect carriers from enemy submarines.

I am so happy to be home! Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible.

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