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We are happy to share that Jake, a 15-pound poodle or bichon mix, was recently placed again with Jennifer, an Army veteran.

You may remember Jake from when he was placed with Greg Pope, a Marine veteran, in May of 2022. Jennifer and her husband, Randy, another Marine, are neighbors of Greg. They would often see Greg as he walked Jake around the block.

Unfortunately, Greg started having some medical issues and Jennifer and Randy offered to care for Jake during that time. They would bring Jake to visit Greg while he was under medical care. There was a particularly touching time when Greg was very ill and he was able to pet Jake for the last time.

We are sorry to say that Greg passed away in February.

Jennifer and her family found that Jake fit in very well at their house during this heartbreaking time. They let VCAS know with permission from Greg’s family, they would like to adopt Jake. PERMISSION GRANTED!

VCAS was thrilled to tell Jennifer that their adoption of Jake would be considered a placement. VCAS is covering the first year of veterinary care, food, supplies, and seven weeks of training. We’re delighted for Jennifer and Jake!

Jake is a spunky little guy who is enjoying living with his new family which includes Jennifer’s husband, their daughter, and a 16-year-old furry sibling named Daisy.

May Greg rest in peace.

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