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Hi, I’m Aurora❗️And I’m finally home with my fur-ever family. I’m a bluetick hound mix from Ross County and when I was a pup, I was exposed to Parvo, a highly contagious and deadly illness for young dogs.

I was sent to Gigi’s for treatment where I recovered and was matched with my dad, Ben Sweet. He served in the Navy for 10 years as a machinist mate on nuclear submarines. A true American hero.

I now live on the Camp Lazarus Boy Scout reservation in Delaware County where my dad is the facilities manager caring for the reservation’s 225 acres.

My mom, Taylor, helps take care of me and my four brothers. My family also has a bulldog mix, Reba, and so far we are getting along well.

I’m finding my voice at home and letting my dad know when I’m excited about something on our walks. I roll my head back and let out a big Barooooo. Or as we say, “the song of my people”!!!

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