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A Perspective from Your Canine Companion


Look into my eyes and know, I will become your best friend. I will show you unconditional love and total devotion. Like you, I am not thrilled with change and love a routine. All I want to do is make you happy and for you to be my human. I have so much love in my heart for my guardian and will do most anything for your love and attention. This includes greeting you when you come home. I love when I get treats for doing good things and am all about positive reinforcement training.


I might be pretty scared and shut down when we first meet, but trust me when I bark that I will love you more than anything else in life. I will follow you around the house and yes, into the bathroom if you let me. I will want to snuggle on the couch and sleep in your bed. I am ok if that is too much for you and am happy to settle into my new home (you call it the crate). Everything is new and that kind of scares me because I want a routine just like you, so be patient with me while I get used to things. Sometimes it can take a month or longer to get used to all the newness and know that I am safe. Look into my eyes and you will see the change and know I am adjusting a-ok.

I can help veterans find themselves again and reconnect to their world. I always want to go for a walk to get you out of the house and into nature. I love eating, playing ball, taking naps and yep… eating treats. I hope you like some of these things too. I am pretty social and will want to check out new people, dogs, cats, smells, and definitely squirrels and rabbits. Oh, and smelling the grass is my way of checking out the world around me. Don’t worry, you are still my number one.  I yearn for your love and approval and to know I am safe.



I will show you with my eyes and tail how much I love you, especially when you come home to me. One big happy dance of excitement will be there to greet you. I promise I won’t let you down and will be your best friend. I want to hear all the good and the bad. I will sit, listen, and not say a word with my head in your lap. I will look in your eyes so that our bond will become one as we share our thoughts together. Life will be awesome because I LOVE YOU HUMAN forever and ALWAYS!

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