by Alison Vossmoore

Somehow our feline friends always know when we want something from them, especially if it involves their carrier! To follow up from my last post, an emergency is never the time to have to search your house to try and find your cat.

Here are some hopefully helpful hints to make your carrier a friendly, safe place for your cat.

  1. First and foremost make sure your carrier is the appropriate size for your cat. If you have a big, hulky feline, you’re going to need a big, hulky carrier. It’s not fair to ask any cat to squish into a space where they don’t fit. Other considerations for a carrier is the type, hard-sided or soft-sided, number of entry and exits. Find out what carrier is best for you and your feline friend.

Photo Credit: Hauspanther

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  1. Leave your carrier out in a social area! Make it part of their living space, rather than something creepy and dusty that only comes out when things are expected of your cat. Personally I have Gunther and Colby’s carriers in my living room, where both cats use them as part of their jungle gym.
  2. When you’re first introducing your carrier as part of your cat’s living space keep as many entry and exit doors open. If you want to get really fun with it, you can get carriers that double as feline play grounds!

Photo Credit: Jackson Galaxy

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  1. Lastly, treats are your best friend! When your cat is not looking toss some treats or cat nip in the carrier for a game of hide and seek. Soon you cat will start associating the carrier as a place of great and wondrous things! You can even make this a game with your cat during your normal play time. Whenever you see your cat playing or even just relaxing in their carrier make sure you give them lots of affection (or treats) to encourage this behavior.

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